TRUCKBase Pro Auto Workshop Management

  • 1 PC single location 'Forever' licence
  • Unlimited number of vehicles, trailers or other equipment
  • FREE Mobile Job Viewer
  • Multi- branch option (see note).
  • Optional Annual BUSINESS Guard l Support Contract.

Forever Licence Price: £1995

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Your 'Forever' Licence Means its your Forever

  • TRUCKBase Pro is yours forever No additonal cost
  • You can move from PC to PC
  • Desktop Management with the data kept on your premises - its your data


DVSA Safety Inspection Manager PRO

  • 1 PC 'Forever Licence'
  • Unlimited number of vehicles, trailers
  • Second Inspection sheet (can be based on Association or Federation standard inspection sheet)
  • Email Safety Inspections direct from Manager (needs MS Outlook)

Forever Licence Price: £745

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Call Us: UK 0800 011 33 50

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Optional Customer Remote App Viewer (Read More) :FREE







Upgrade from TRUCKBase V4.1 - 4 to V4.5 (with no loss of any data)



TRUCKBase V4.5 Upgrade + 7 days telephone support



TRUCKBase V4.5 Upgrade + 1 years Telephone support and upgrades





Optional BUSINESS Guard Support Packages and Networking licences

The prices below are based on you continuing to renew your support contract without it lapsing. These prices have been discounted by 50% . If you support has lapsed or you never started a support contract (within your intital free support period) then please select from these options

BUSINESS Guard Continuous Support

Single User Support - Continuous Renewal Network Licence Support -
Continuous Renewal (see note above)
If you are using our software as a networked system (LAN), you will need to purchase the same number of network support contracts that you have network licences for.
TRUCKBase £280 £195
TRUCKBase Pro Auto Workshop Manager £375 £265
*You must purchase the same number of LAN Support Plans that you have Licences for. If you have an Activation Code for 3 LAN licences you must purchase 3 LAN Support Plans. You can check your Activation Licence here :Check Activation Key
Networking licence (LAN)
If you intend to network (LAN) within your premises then you will need an additional licence /s for each PC you intend to install the software on
TRUCKBase £260
TRUCKBase Pro Auto Workshop Manager £510
Renew BUSINESS Guard Support contract that has lapsed Single User Support Network Licence Support
If for whatever reason your support contract has lapsed (or was never started), then you can start or restart a lapsed support contract by purchasing an option below. If you are networked you must purchase the number of support contracts you have licences for. Please note that we do not cover Windows networking issues as part of the support plan.
TRUCKBase 1 year telephone support and any upgrades £500 £350
TRUCKBase Pro Auto Workshop Manager I year telephone support and any upgrades £700 £450
HGV & PCV DVSA Safety Inspection Manager 1 year telephone support and any upgrades £330 £285

Prices do not include VAT which is added to all sales within the UK only. Terms and Conditions


Mobile Job Sheet Viewer:

The FREE Mobile Job Viewer is an application that allows you to communicate with your mobile staff 'out on the road'. HOWEVER PLEASE see the requirements that your PC needs should you decide to use this application. In addition to the extra requirements your mobile staff will need a 4G Internet connection, to send and receive data. PLEASE READ THE NOTES ABOVE MARKED 'VERY IMPORTANT'

Using the Mobile Job Sheet Viewer you can 'push' jobs thru to the the mobile staff member 'out on the road or in the workshop'. For example - you create a job sheet within TRUCKBase Pro and allocate the job sheet and job lines within the job sheet to a staff member or several staff members. When the staff member is logged in, these jobs then appear on their application - you can then see that the staff member has acknowledged that a job line is waiting and you can also see when the staff member actually starts the 1st session. Mobile staff also have access (view only) to vehicle data held on TRUCKBase Pro.

You can monitor parts that have been allocated to job lines, see login and logout times. The mobile staff member can also create additional job lines and allocate these to another staff member. Using the Mobile Job Viewer Manager within TRUCKBase Pro you can see when the job is finished.

Please note that if you intend to use the Mobile Job sheet viewer in a LAN environment (in other words networked with in the same premises) you do not need the Windows Server 2008 configuring or an RDP file.

The requirement for an effective Commercial workshop management system is our TRUCKBase commercial management software which will take care of invoicing, customer details, stock control, purchase ledger etc. Our commercial workshop invoicing software is a time saving system for those who run a commercial workshop business and require workshop management. Our DVSA Safety Inspection Manager is an easy way of recording all your DVSA Safety Inspections. So if you are carrying our DVSA Safety Inspection then our DVSA Safety Inspection Manager will suit your business.

With TRUCKBase Pro Commercial Vehicle invoicing software, creating invoicing is very easy, thus saving your valuable time so that you can concentrate on other aspects of a commercial workshop management. TRUCKBase Pro the workshop invoicing software that will work in your business is the right tool for your commercial workshop software. If you are looking for commercial Workshop Management software that is easy to use, then TRUCKBase is Just the Commercial Vehicle Management Software for you. Our Garage Invoicing software is easy to use and provides the user with great features for Garage workshop management, making it an ideal system for commercial vehicle workshops.

TRUCKBase Pro is an easy to use workshop management system for commercial workshops. Its an easy to use fleet management system designed to keep all your truck service history invoicing and DVSA safety inspection records. As an easy to use truck maintenance system it will make running your commercial workshop that much easier. If you carry out DVSA Safety inspections on either trucks lorry's or bus then you can use our commercial workshop system to record your DVSA safety inspections. Our DVSA Safety inspection manager is a standalone system that will record all your DVSA safety inspections, so records are easy to find later.