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What operating system do I need to run TRUCKBase Pro

TRUCKBase Pro will run on any computer with an operating system running Windows XP (SP2) - Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. Even the most modest of todays computers will be more than adequate to run TRUCKBase Pro. TRUCKBase Pro is designed as a standalone application, with everything included to be up and running in around 15 minutes. You do not need an internet connection to use TRUCKBase Pro (unless you want to use the SMS (text) messaging system and email reminders).

Will TRUCKBase Pro run on Windows 7 and 10

Yes. TRUCKBase Pro will run on all operating systems from Windows XP (Service Pack 2)up to Windows 10. Our software will also run on on Small Business Server 2003 upwards

Can I network TRUCKBase Pro

Yes you can, you can network either from the start or later on whichever way, its ready when you are and networking at a later stage does not interfere with any data already entered. The ability to network is built into TRUCKBase Pro from the start. If you are going to network TRUCKBase Pro you will need additional user licence's . See the networking page. TRUCKBase Pro Pro Auto Workshop Manager is also able to be networked as a multi branch application, so if you have branches over the UK or further afield then TRUCKBase Pro Pro will connect all these together - but please call before to ensure that you have the correct PC specification as the multi branch requirments are different from the normal LAN networked system.

Can you supply a computer system

If you are purchasing through one of our Partners then they will in most cases be able to supply a PC

Do I need an internet connection to use TRUCKBase Pro

NO YOU DO NOT. TRUCKBase Pro is a totally standalone system that does not require any connection to the Internet. If you want to use the Text (SMS)system and email reminders then you will need an internet connection. TOP The muliti branch version does require an internet connection.

How long have you been supplying Garage Management Systems

We have been designing Garage Management software for over 21 years.

Where can I get help if I get stuck

Once you have purchased TRUCKBase Pro we want to ensure that you are up and running with the minimum amount of fuss, so we provide a priority free telephone support service for this. Support in this period can be either via telephone or email whichever you prefer and is of course free of charge. We are confident that you will find TRUCKBase Pro easy to install, easy to use and a great time saver for you, however, if you get stuck help is there. We will also provide an initial online training session for a member of your staff.

Our help number is a normal rate phone line

After your initial free period you can opt to go on an annual support package.

I am not sure what PC system to install

The quick answer to this is to contact us for advice before you buy or purchase a system.

Some businesses spend more money than they maybe need to when buying a computer. TRUCKBase Pro will run on any entry level PC, you will not see much difference in performance when using TRUCKBase Pro between an entry level PC and a top of the range PC. Please note that if you intend to use your PC for other applications such as CAD design or graphics then this might require you to use a PC with a higher specification. The reliability of your PC is more important than speed.

What is a forever licence and Are there any annual payments?

A Forever licence means you can use TRUCKBase Pro or TRUCKBase Pro Pro forever. There are no time restraints or contracts and there are no further fees to pay (there is one exception which is outlined here). You can use TRUCKBase Pro or TRUCKBase Pro Pro on your installed PC for as long as you wish. You also have the added benefit that If you need to change PC's at a later stage then you can install TRUCKBase Pro or TRUCKBase Pro Pro on a replacement PC. If you purchased or upgraded to TRUCKBase Pro or TRUCKBase Pro Pro after Nov 19th 2014, then GB Pro now comes with an automatic licence transfer function, which is easy to administer yourself (read more). If you have a support contract with us then you will be able to obtain support from us. Please read the notes found here as it contains important information on the exceptions to the Forever Licence.

What paper do I need to print invoices on

TRUCKBase Pro is designed to use either blank A4 or Letter size paper. You can use any printer using these sizes provided it will print onto A4 or Letter size. This includes dot matrix (impact printers) provided they will print out A4 or Letter size.

What options have I for printing invoices

There are several options for printing invoices, within the options you can choose to decide how much detail you want to show on your invoice with regards hourly rates and the costs per job etc. You could decide to show each Job line and the parts that have been used for that job (PRO version ) or you can show the jobs you have done and the complete list of parts without identifying which jobs the parts go with - its your choice

Please contact us on 01243 870369 to obtain copies of what an invoice looks like

Can I connect to TRUCKBase Pro from home or on the road

Yes you can, call us and we can advise on the options that are available (and very affordable).

Is the DVSA Inspection Manager included?

No, the DVSA Safety Inspection Manager is not included. It can be purchased as a standalone product.

File Server

A file server is a PC that only holds data files but nobody actually sits at this PC and uses it. File servers are typically stored in a cabinet etc and hold data centrally. PC workstations then connect to the file server and draw the data from them. If TRUCKBase Pro data is held on a file server then its the data file on the file server that must be backed up not on the workstations connecting to file server. Used in this example (above) you do not need a licence for the file server.

TRUCKBase Pro Pro is an easy to use workshop management system for commercial workshops. Its an easy to use fleet management system designed to keep all your truck service history invoicing and VOSA safety inspection records. As an easy to use truck maintenance system it will make running your commercial workshop that much easier. If you carry out VOSA Safety inspections on either trucks lorry's or bus then you can use our commercial workshop system to record your VOSA safety inspections. Our VOSA Safety inspection manager is a standalone system that will record all your DVSA safety inspections, so records are easy to find later.