Instant Service History Transfer vehicle owner
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Within TRUCKBase Pro you have the ability to change / transfer vehicle owners, and still retain all service history no matter who owned the vehicle. You will be able to see all the previous service history, no matter how many owners this vehicle has had. This is an extremely important and very useful aspect of TRUCKBase. You can find any previous invoice no matter how long ago it was raised in less than 8 seconds just from the vehicle registration.

Customer Details
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Locate any customer by: Name, Postcode, Vehicle Reg, or any line of their address.

Fast, easy entry of your customer details. Enter their details once and you then have access to any customer records within seconds. Enter addresses, telephone numbers, agreed hourly rates etc. TRUCKBase automatically updates each customer's last invoice date, and how many vehicles they have on your system. If you are using the software in a multi branch enviroment then each Customer is shown with their home branch.

Labour rates and customer quick notes

You can give each customer an individual labour rate and any parts discount or mark up, however please note that you will need to make a choice for the complete system when choosing either to mark parts up or discount down. This is set for the complete system - not per customer. Both these can be adjusted at the point you create the invoice.

Invoice Details
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Find any invoice in under 8 seconds even if it's 1 2 3 or more years ago.

Powerful yet easy to use invoicing automatically enters customer and vehicle details. One button access to all your invoices for quick access to vital data. One button access to all unpaid or part paid invoices. You can find any customer their vehicle and invoice details within 8 seconds!

Rename / Create Invoice Categories:

You can rename the 6 invoice charge categories that will appear on your customers invoice to suit your business, once renamed these will then appear on your customers printed invoice. This gives you great flexibility on how you can use TRUCKBase.

For instance, a substantial amount of businesses now charge their customers a disposal charge for things such as tyres, oil and filters, and other used parts. You can create a charge category to show this on the customers invoice. The ability to change these categories is a huge benefit to your business.

The categories shown on our screen shot and training movies are the default entries these can be changed as often as you like to reflect your business needs both now and in the future.Your system will come with the following invoice category defaults Labour , Parts, Lubricants, Outside, Others and Recovery. However you can change these to suit your business they could as easily say Service Parts Disposal charge - Sundries Collect Vehicle.

You can change these categories as often as you need to.

The MOT charge category displays the MOT fee without any VAT added to it.

Invoice drop Ins

Using our invoice drop insyou can create ork doneand dviselines that can be added to your invoice simply by selecting the line and clicking if you then need to, you can manually edit these descriptions. Using the invoice drop ins is a real time saver and you can create as many of them to reflect your business.

Rename Inspection headings

Your system will come with 3 additional default headings these are Tail lift - Hiab and Fridge (MOT - Safety - Service are all also included as standard and can't be changed). The 3 additional headings can be changed within the Master setup.

Vehicles and transfer history
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Store as much or as little of your customers vehicle details. Automatically updates with new MOT date for MOT reminder letters. You can store next timing belt, oil and filter change dates and mileage. Service details can be viewed or printed off.

Move / Change Vehicle Owner:

You can move Vehicle details from one customer to another i.e. You have been servicing vehicle reg 123 ABC to customer Mrs Smith who then sells the vehicle to Mr Jones who brings it to your garage. You can transfer all the service and job sheet history of this vehicle to the new owner -so you have a complete running history of this vehicle. This can also be used if you need to do several invoices for the same vehicle for insurance purposes etc.

Instant service history:

You can view a vehicle service history instantly from the TRUCKBase start screen. Type in the vehicle number and up will come who owns this vehicle. One further click and the complete service history will be shown. If this vehicle has been previously owned by any of your customers this history is also included. You will have a complete record of all the work you have done to this vehicle.

Work in Progress

Keep track of all jobs as they enter your workshop. Create a job sheet then place on job watch if you are waiting on other people or parts. You will then be able to track and monitor this job. If you are using the PRO version this comes with a FREE Workshop Job Viewer - this allows you to pass jobs onto individual technicians who can view and acknowledge their jobs.

Parts catalogue and Service packs
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You can create your own parts catalogue and then use the full stock control system to monitor your stock control- or if you prefer you can just enter the part names and create your own parts catalogue, and not worry about stock control. Once you have entered your parts you simply choose each part name from a drop down list, the price and any discount you want to offer is shown on the invoice. Using our stock control system you can account for every part placed on to your system and to what invoice is was allocated to.

You don't have to use the stock control part of TRUCKBase if you prefer not to just use it has a parts list

Parts can also be added to the invoice as non stock items, in which case you enter the part name as you want it to appear on the invoice. All prices can be adjusted at the point of sale.

Service packs:

Create service packs from your parts catalogue then add them to the invoice with 1 click. Service pack items can have a different price (or no price) to the same item sold individually. You can create as many service packs as you need

Diary and Appointments

TRUCKBase has a full appointments system, this allows you to make appointments in two ways or a combination of the two. First as a visual check box showing appointment times, in an easy to view way. Using the system this way you can view a visual time sheet based on either a ramp bay or employee. You can then record these time slots by a simple click of the mouse. At a glance you can view a whole days time slots, for any ramp bay or person. You can then go on to adding information about this booking in much more detail. You can create the time slots to suit your business, you have 24 time slots per day, however this is for each ramp, bay, or person, you can have an unlimited amount of these. TRUCKBase Pro Auto Workshop Manager has a more in depth diary which will allow instant SMS and email confirmation of appointments made.

Do you carry out MOTs

Our MOT online booking system incorporated into a professionally designed website: Not only is it a professional designed website but its easy for you to alter the contents when you want and as often as you want. MOTORWeb allows your customers to book their own MOT online using appointment times allocated by you so you don’t lose control. You can even set the system to allow customers to pay online using your existing merchant account.

Stock control

Enter all your parts or just your most popular ones. Once entered onto the system you can analyze each part sale and to what invoice it has been allocated automatically. If it's a non stock item you can enter the name as you wish together with quantities and any discounts you want to offer. Depending on how much of the system you want to use you can keep track of stock levels, re-orders and next delivery dates. You can enter a default buying in price and a default selling price both of which can be altered at the point of sale. Allowing to work out exact margins on your part sales.

You don't have to use the stock control part of TRUCKBase if you don't want to.

If you do the system will work out buying and selling margins on any of your products. If you sell tyres then you will want to use our rice checker.

Price Checker

Enter your part names for example: Pirelli 185/65/16 then add this to the category you will have created called 185/65/16, enter all the different brands that you sell in this size and add them all to this category, now all you have to do from the front screen is select 185/65/16as the category you want to check and all the tyre brands of that size will appear with price and stock cross check. The system will work with any type of stock, but is most useful for the type of items that customers phone around for getting the best price.

Test and Service Reminders

Create more business such as MOT and servicing and keep in touch with your customers with our easy to use reminder system. Create your letter without having to merge data with other applications. However, you can if you prefer use our Word template and send your reminder as a Word document. Reminders letters in either format can be sent for : Service , MOT, VOSA Safety check and a general mail shot letter. Visit our MOTORWeb website for the latest MOT and service live online booking system.

Export to Sage

If you have and are using Sage Line 50 or Sage Instant Accounts Plus, you can export invoice data from TRUCKBase to Sage. This is done via a CSV file. You do not have to have Sage on your computer to do this so if your accountant has Sage you can send them the data without needing Sage on your PC, you can just email or give the CSV file containing the data to the computer that has Sage on it.

TRUCKBase Pro Remote Apps

The first is available for your customers who can login to your system to retrieve vehicle information such as invoices, data is restricted to information that is provided on their invoice, no other data is accessible. The second Remote App allows for you to 'push' jobs through to a mobile technician out on the road, they can then use their App to add job lines to the job sheet and add parts to the job sheet. You can then follow this within the Job Sheet Manager - within TRUCKBase Pro. The PC requirments do differ so please refer to this section for more details

Purchase Ledger and VAT Return

TRUCKBase has its own easy to use purchase ledger included. So all purchases and expenses made for running your business can be easily entered here in 1 place. You can allocate nominal codes for different purchases you can then see a breakdown of the money you have spent and on what, to run your business.

You can view suppliers payment dates and when to pay a supplier (motor factor)

Total monies owed to suppliers

Complete breakdown on how you owe this money

VAT return in a few minutes

This part of the system also has the added benefit of providing the figures to complete your VAT return easily, no matter what VAT accounting you are on. Our Purchase Manager will calculate your VAT figures for the standard quarterly VAT return Cash accounting or the FRS (Flat rate scheme)

Job Sheets


Within the PRO system the job sheet is divided into Job Lines, this allows you to allocate different jobs within the same job sheet to separate technicians. You can then if you choose use the Workshop Job Viewer (FREE) to post these jobs to the workshop. Technicians can then see all the jobs they have pending and you can see the current status of each job. Optional Log in and Log out features allow you to monitor the job line status and overall progress of the job sheet. With the PRO system, Job parts can be allocated per job line.

Send Text (SMS) messages from TRUCKBase

This is a great way of letting your customers know what is happening to their vehicle and when its ready to be collected. You can also send SMS messages to alert your customers that services are due, this reminder feature will increase your business. You can send these text messages from within TRUCKBase. This is a great utility that will send a text message to your customers mobile. Messages that you send are pre paid. To use the Text (SMS) option your PC will need an internet connection.