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Upgrading toTRUCKBase PRO from one of our previous systems

  • You can upgrade to RUCKBase Pro from any previous version of our software this includes our Car workshop management systems GB Pro - Garage 2000 or any older version of TRUCKBase, however before you purchase our software please contact us by phone or email to establish exactly what information we can import into your new software. Because there are some limitations.


Moving on

  • After nearly 7 years of supporting older versions of TRUCKBase - we have now had to reluctantly draw the line on support for previous versions of TRUCKBase. With the continuing development of more sophisticated operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 and the forthcoming Windows 10) and a greater emphasis on internet security, we are pleased to say we have kept up with all these changes and technologies and still provide our users with a robust software solution which you can be assured will provide the information your business needs when it needs it. However, unfortunately this does mean that we have to draw a line under older systems, so we are unable to support older versions of our software in this case all versions prior to V4.5. This does not mean you have to stop using our older software - it just means we don't support these versions anymore. If you have a support contract you will receive product upgrades as part of this contract - so the upgrade to our latest version is free of charge. Our software will still work on Windows XP (with Service pack 2 installed), Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Multi- Branch

Auto Workshop Management

For companies requiring a multi- branch environment, our Auto Workshop Management system will provide a shared database of customers between your branches within the group. Learn More [+]

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